Arlene Schnitzer 2021

The Arlene Schnitzer Visual Arts Prize is the most important award offered in the Portland State University School of Art + Design. I ultimately served as the social media and wall vinyl designer and art director with visual direction created in collaboration with Matt Davidson and Gage Murrey. Collaborating was a very organic process of generating ideas until we arrived at our final system of digital stickers and spraypaint. We had been living in a digital world, so we wanted to explicitly reference physical media while not favoring any specific medium, as artists of many disciplines can and do apply.

Michael Fulgaro: Art Direction, Asset Creation, Social Media Promo, and Wall Vinyl
Matt Davidson: Creative Input & Social Media Promo Size Variants
Gage Murrey: Creative Input & Social Media Promo Size Variants
G Stewart: Social Media Promo for Opening
Charles Matson: Brochure Type Layout